“Educational Grant”

This program is for any educational opportunity as long as it is within the NCCAP, NAAP or ATRA topic area, so is specifically for workshops and conferences. The application should be received 60 days prior to the event. The state board will review the applications and determine disbursement of allotted funds.

The Phyllis Foster Scholarship

The Phyllis Foster Scholarship was established in 2000 after her death. She believed in the importance of education and the advancement of our profession. She organized and implemented the first Activity Professional Training Course. CAPA chose to honor her with a special fund set up for assistance with the Activity Professionals Training Course (MEPAP) only. Phyllis Foster’s career
in activities began in 1962 with a commitment to learning and sharing with her fellow professionals. She organized and implemented a training program in six different locations throughout the state. From the beginning she believed in the importance of education and
advancement of our profession. She became very involved with the organization of activities personnel in Colorado. Phyllis took the bull by the horns and offered excellent training. Her input placed Colorado in the forefront of activities advancement in the nation, but she wasn’t through yet. She moved on to the national arena and used her talents to help establish the National Association of Activity Professionals [NAAP] which she served in some capacity for many years. Throughout her career she promoted the importance of education and advancement. CAPA chose to honor her with a special fund set up for education of Activity Professionals. She has
mentored many not only in Colorado but also across the nation. This is an opportunity for those of us whose lives she encouraged and touched to honor her memory with our contributions to our field. This Education Scholarship is for assistance in attending the Activity Professionals Training Course [MEPAP] only. Donations are welcome for the Phyllis Foster scholarship. May, the month of
her birth is a good time to honor her with a donation. Conference and NAP Day is another good time to recognize her commitment to CAPA and Education.

Marian Smith Scholarship

The Marian Smith Scholarship was established to honor her contribution and commitment to CAPA in 2003. Marian was one of the original founders of Colorado Activity Directors [CAD] now known as Colorado Activity Professionals Association [CAPA]. Marian is no longer able to actively participate in CAPA but has been a longtime supporter of the education and advancement all CAPA members’. She served on the SEB for many years as the legislative chair and kept members informed of legislative issues pertaining to care issues and geriatrics. She was involved with formulation of National Association of Activity Professionals [NAAP] and is well known for her love of learning. She mentored and shared her knowledge with all. Marian wrote the “Our Pack “poem and used her dry sense of humor to turn a problem into a growth challenge. The state board will determine funds available and screen all applications.


The Ernestine (Erni) Garcia NAP Day Scholarship Grant was established in 2020 by the Garcia family. It honors “Erni’s” memory and her outstanding contributions in the field of aging and senior activities. Erni was a NCCAP-Certified Activity Consultant and a Lifetime CAPA member. She passed away in 2017.

Immediately after joining CAPA in the late 70’s, Erni immediately became active in the CAPA State Board (SEB) and was highly respected for her involvement in education, recruitment, fundraising, problem-solving and community relations. She also served as the Membership Chair for many years. Erni was a recipient of CAPA’s most prestigous Our Pack award in 2003.

As a CAPA liaison, Erni served as a member of the advisory board of the Denver Senior Companion Program and as a board member of the Northglenn AARP. She also served as a liaison to the Adams County Aging Network (ACAN).

Erni placed a high value on continuing education in the activities field as a way of serving and improving the quality of life of the seniors that our members serve. In nominating Erni for the Our Pack Award, Marion Smith, one of the original CAPA founders, had this to day about her — “She has a true empathy for the elderly and is extremely dedicated to the improvement of the quality of their lives. Her dedication to our field shows up in her mentoring activities. We have many dedicated activity professionals active in the field today because of her teaching and support.” This scholarship grant is meant to continue Erni’s legacy of supporting continuing education of CAPA members.

This scholarship grant is to be used for the sole purpose of tuition for National Activity Professional’s Day (NAP Day) training. The scholarship will be funded by a $1,500.00 grant. One to two scholarships, based on need to be determined by the SEB, are to be awarded annually until the grant is depleted. Anyone is able to donate to this very worthy scholarship. Please contact the SEB Treasurer for more information