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Back to the Future: Moving Dining Forward|2023 Series|1:00 pm CT

From token to true choice, using regulations and standards to help people to eat what they want to eat, and live the lives they want to live. Shift culture to honor each individual and get back to normal/get back to home, in all things dining, just a part of vibrant daily living. Each webinar will be framed by culture change practices, the Dining Practice Standards, leaning into CMS requirements and the Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0, the domains of wellbeing embedded in the CMS RoPs, and Kitwood’s basic human needs.

Hosted and presented by Carmen Bowman MHS, BSW, Regulator turned Educator, with
Linda Bump MPH, RD, Action Pact Consultant, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Sep 22, 2023
Still offering an institutional dining experience? 
Learn how to create a normal, home dining and in-room dining experience.

Oct 20 

Residents still not helping themselves? Learn how to increase accessibility.

Nov 17
Not celebrating the various ethnicities or incorporating themes into the life of your home?
Learn how to start with food and the dining experience.



Still not involving residents in preparing food? Learn how to involve the people who live there.
Still offering institutional meals? Learn how to nourish the body and soul.
Still offering only set mealtimes? Learn how to offer open dining times.
Still only offering main meal or alternate/token choice? Learn how to offer true choice.
Residents still enduring restricted diets? Learn how to offer what residents want to eat.

Still offering outdated altered consistency diets? Learn how to offer what people will gladly eat.
Still offering artificial food/supplements? Learn how to offer real foods instead.

Food = Love and Life, Health and Wellbeing = Compliance and Culture Change

BE A LEADER become an advocate for changing institutional culture – immediate access – nominal pay-per-view cutting edge-ucation:

  • FREE SAMPLE: Creating Joy and Festivity for isolated people 
  • Moving away from the same old “interventions” to Proactive Practices to Prevent Falls 
  • Proactive Practice to Prevent Falls: Honoring Sleep, Natural Awakening & Open Dining 
  • Proactive Practice to Prevent Falls: Anticipating Needs to Proactively Prevent Falls 
  • Proactive Practice to Prevent Falls: Using Increased Individualized Mobility/Movement to Prevent Falls 
  • Proactive Practice to Prevent Falls: Proactively Checking in with Residents to Proactively Prevent Falls by All 
  • Proactive Practice: Using Meaningful Engagement to Proactively Prevent Falls 
  • Living Life outside of Groups: What to do in lieu of group activities 
  • Turn “Social Distancing” into Social Connectedness/Social Planning 
  • Meaningfully Engage Individuals – in their rooms – especially those living with dementia (needed before, during and after a pandemic) 
  • Tending to Psychosocial Well-being 
  • SOFTEN the Assessment Process/Move-in to LTC 
  • Moving from “Activity Programming” to Engaging Residents in Real Life 
  • The Harms of Alarms 
  • How Alarms can be Deficient Practice at seven CMS regulations 


Seeking research, reviewers and individuals interested in serving on the editorial board of the Q2 international peer reviewed journal Activities, Adaptations and Aging: Purposeful and Dignified Living for Older Adults. This journal is moving toward a focus on changing culture, quality of life, meaning and purpose.
Activities, Adaptation & Aging Dignified and Purposeful Living for Older Adults ( 


I send these notices to culture change/training contacts, trying to keep the proven changing-institutional-culture practices alive. If you would rather not receive, please let me know. If you know of others who might be interested, please feel free to forward. Thank you. Become a culture change advocate wherever you are, we can change institutional culture!

Carmen Bowman, Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change 
Co-editor Activities, Adaptations and Aging: Dignified and Purposeful Living for Older Adults
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